Orava Funds plc

Orava Funds acts as the fund management company of real estate funds. In this capacity the company is responsible for organising, managing and developing the administration and operations of the funds.

Other activities of Orava Funds include:
- apartment valuations using computer assisted mass appraisal,
- acting as a lead manager in capital raising,
- arranging contribution in kind transactions.

Orava Funds plc (Business ID 2267747-7) was established in Helsinki in May 2009. The company is owned by the management and employees.

Jouni Torasvirta acts as the CEO in the company. The Members of the Board are Pekka Väisänen (Chairman), Pekka Peiponen, Veli Matti Salmenkylä and Jouni Torasvirta.

The company's auditor is Mr Tuomas Honkamäki, Authorised Public Accountant.